Year: 2019

How can I thicken my fine hair?

Hair loss is a very serious issue and it is commonly seen in youngsters these days. Hair is one of the main assets which simply intensify one’s physical features. Balding as well as thinning hair is a major problem that you must get cured as soon as possible. I bet that no one could bear their hair loss.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of short hairstyles for fine hair, that you can find on this page, the question of how to thicken fine hair is in a high demand.

The common agents that pushed you to have thin hair are extreme physical or emotional pressure, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, hormonal imbalances, hypersensitivities, usage of worst hair care products, inadequate hair care cycle, genetic problem, hard water as well as dandruff.

If your hair is thinning, you need not worry about spending money on expensive hair treatments. It is better that you choose natural remedies that can surely help you strengthen thin hair and have voluminous hair. 

hair treatments


A natural protein treatment is required to thicken thin hair. The best natural ingredient for protein treatment is the egg.

  • Take eggs depending on the length of your hair, and finely beat it.
  • Now, add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into it.
  • Apply this lemon and egg hair pack on wet hair and let it stay for 30–35 minutes.
  • You can simply wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
  • You can use this protein natural remedy once or twice a week for better results.

thicken my fine hairOlive oil

Olive oil would surely add up the volume to your hair. You can use to thicken fine hair by using this tip.

  • Gently massage your scalp and hair with lukewarm olive oil and stay with it for half an hour to one hour.
  • You can simply rinse and wash your hair by using a mild shampoo.
  • It is more beneficial if you leave the oil on your hair overnight and then shampoo it on the next day.

15 best haircuts for women over 60

How often do you meet women ready to change their image after 60? Most ladies prefer the classic options in everyday looks especially when it comes to haircuts. Excellent taste and sense of style should be the hallmarks of elderly women. In order to complement this image, it is necessary to successfully select haircut. That is why you need to know what styles can be chosen for older women after 60.

Most of the modern stylists recommend cutting long hair for older women. Due to the fact that the hair loses its former volume and becomes very weak, short cuttings are more appropriate. If you choose a shorter hairstyle, it will help to restore the lost volume, as well as improve the condition of the hair as here.

Stylish haircuts for women over 60

1) Bob

This type can perfectly highlight the features of the appearance. The bob has many variations: strands of different lengths, asymmetrical bangs. In addition, Bob is quite easy to handle with a large comb and hair dryer or curlers.

2) Cascade

Cascade is a universal type, which can be suitable for women of any age. The volume of the hair can be created with the help of special hair styling products. It can be laid in many different ways that do not require much time. More options are on the site.

3) Pixie

Such cutting is considered to be an easy option to give your hair volume, as well as rejuvenating effect.

4)     Page-boy

A great way to add French charm and authentic personality to your image. Retro style is a very fashionable trend. It affects not only today`s hairdressing trends but also global fashion.

5)     Asymmetry

Asymmetrical cuttings are a real phenomenon in hairdressing. They do not leave the catwalks of Paris and Milan and are suitable for almost all women of senior age.

6)     Asymmetrical Bob

If you are in doubt about choosing a haircut, then stop your choice on an asymmetrical Bob. Despite how old you are, this cutting is capable to refresh your look with its stylish and modern accents.

7)     Multi-layering

This hairstyle with elegant locks will make your hair more voluminous. To soften facial features, you can curl your hair.

8)     Long Bob with a bang

A bang will help to hide the wrinkles of the forehead, while Long Bob will help to hide the imperfections (link).

9)     Caprice

This style got the recognition of many women immediately after it was created. The haircut is suitable for women of different ages, as it can “refresh” the face.

10) Garcon

This cutting allows you to achieve the so-called “boyish femininity” effect, which, refreshing the image, makes it incredibly attractive. This effect is largely contributed to the playful strands.

As you see, there is truly a huge variation of haircuts for women over 60. However, you can mix them with classic types of styling and coloring:

  • The red tint of hair will only highlight the pigmentation on the face.
  • Women with pale skin should avoid black color.
  • Focus on the natural colors – cold with cold, and warm with warm.
  • Women with aristocratic appearance should choose platinum tones and blond.
  • Choose shades 2-3 tones below your natural color.

Choose haircut wisely – be incredible.

5 reasons why women in mid 60s choose Bob cut

It is not a secret that women tend to choose haircuts more thoroughly in comparison to men. They love experimenting and changing something in their appearance. Changing cut is the easiest. In different age ladies chose different hairstyle. When you are young, it is easier to experiment. When you become older, you tend to have your own style , and do not want to change it much. 

Many women in their mid 60s go with Bob cut. The style of hair very simple but popular. The hair is cut around the head at the level of jaw. It can be from short to medium length. But why do women like it?

What is special about bob? 

  1. It is an incredibly stylish haircut. Bob has a long story. It was introduced in 19th century. The attitude to bob cut was different at various times and countries. At the beginning of 20th century it became very popular, especially in Western countries. Today you can see many celebrities wearing Bob. Some of them are women over 50. Just have a look at Anna Wintour. It is hard to imagine this lady with a different hairstyle.
  2. Bob cut is an attractive cut for women with straight hair. Ladies with curly hair usually have difficulties doing hair in the morning. Straight hair look stunning and it is easy to do. Some women prefer to fix Bob with hairspray but in most cases it keeps its shape well. 
  3. Women look younger wearing Bob. It is obvious that everybody wants to stay younger longer. People cannot change their age but they can change the way they look. Long hair usually makes a woman look younger. Bob is a mid-length  cut, and is in the middle between long short cuts.
  4. You save time wearing Bob. Many short and long cuts require a lot of time after you wash hair. People, who wash hair every day, prefer simple cuts to save time.  If you have bob cut, doing hair is not difficult.  
  5. It is not a primitive cut. In fact, there are numerous variations of Bob: A-line bob, shingle bob, inverted bob, etc. Do not think that it is a simple cut with no imagination. Just add bang  and traditional bob turns in a new format haircut. 

Have never worn bob? This is your chance to try it. You might be surprised how stylish it looks. Just do not be afraid of experimenting.