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5 reasons why women in mid 60s choose Bob cut

It is not a secret that women tend to choose haircuts more thoroughly in comparison to men. They love experimenting and changing something in their appearance. Changing cut is the easiest. In different age ladies chose different hairstyle. When you are young, it is easier to experiment. When you become older, you tend to have your own style , and do not want to change it much. 

Many women in their mid 60s go with Bob cut. The style of hair very simple but popular. The hair is cut around the head at the level of jaw. It can be from short to medium length. But why do women like it?

What is special about bob? 

  1. It is an incredibly stylish haircut. Bob has a long story. It was introduced in 19th century. The attitude to bob cut was different at various times and countries. At the beginning of 20th century it became very popular, especially in Western countries. Today you can see many celebrities wearing Bob. Some of them are women over 50. Just have a look at Anna Wintour. It is hard to imagine this lady with a different hairstyle.
  2. Bob cut is an attractive cut for women with straight hair. Ladies with curly hair usually have difficulties doing hair in the morning. Straight hair look stunning and it is easy to do. Some women prefer to fix Bob with hairspray but in most cases it keeps its shape well. 
  3. Women look younger wearing Bob. It is obvious that everybody wants to stay younger longer. People cannot change their age but they can change the way they look. Long hair usually makes a woman look younger. Bob is a mid-length  cut, and is in the middle between long short cuts.
  4. You save time wearing Bob. Many short and long cuts require a lot of time after you wash hair. People, who wash hair every day, prefer simple cuts to save time.  If you have bob cut, doing hair is not difficult.  
  5. It is not a primitive cut. In fact, there are numerous variations of Bob: A-line bob, shingle bob, inverted bob, etc. Do not think that it is a simple cut with no imagination. Just add bang  and traditional bob turns in a new format haircut. 

Have never worn bob? This is your chance to try it. You might be surprised how stylish it looks. Just do not be afraid of experimenting.

Bob cut is a type of cut that makes you look younger

The haircut has a unique power. The right cut can make you look great. But if you get a terrible haircut from a new hairdresser, it will totally spoil your style. Hairdressers say there are cuts that suit almost all women. It might be a surprise but bob haircut is one of these haircuts. Bob was introduced many years ago. It gained its popularity in Western countries. First, it was perceived as a cultural shock because women wore long hair. Only advanced ladies cut it short or worn a bob. But this was a small number of women. 

Bob style became more and more popular at the beginning of the 20th century. French actresses cut their hair and promoted new hairstyle in such a way.  Later the hairstyle became immensely popular in France and other Western countries. Today it is one of the most popular haircuts. Just think how many famous women wear it. Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour are bright examples of women wearing a bob. 

Popular bob types

Bob cut makes you look younger because it is a middle length hairstyle. In a classic way, it is a cut around the head on the level of the jaw but it can be shorter too. There are numerous types of bob. Sometimes you do not even know that certain cuts are other types of, basically, the same bob cut. 

  • Chin- length: traditional cut at the level of the chin. It looks great with bangs.
  • Shaggy bob: an extraordinary layered cut type made with a razor.
  • A-line: it is a conventional cut but with a little longer hair length in front.
  • Inverted bob: it has stacked layers in the back. It is a great choice for young girls.

Bob is a stylish hairdo. Women love bob for many reasons. One of the major reasons is that due to its style, it makes them look younger. In addition to great style, bob saves so much time. You do not have to waste time doing your hair every time you wash it in the morning. However, remember that bob is good only for straight hair. It will not keep its shape on curly hair. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time doing hair and then fixing it with hairspray. Does not sound like a convenient haircut.

Bob style suits women with different faces shapes. Not all face shapes suit short hair or bangs. Bob suits women of different professions and styles. It looks like a universal haircut for all times and ages. Bob is your style if you like experiments. It can add freshness to your appearance and make you look younger.