Why women over 60 choose a pixie haircut

The fact that Pixie is popular among women of all ages is obvious and it also applies to the sixty-years-old fashionistas. Pixie is suitable for most women because of this haircut:

  • Is easy and simple;
  • Takes minimal time and efforts to style;
  • Refreshes the face and makes younger at least for five years;
  • Combines well with both classic office style and comfortable leisure.

Perhaps, ladies with medium or long length may be afraid to get rid of their hair in favor of lightness and style, but, nevertheless, it is worth thinking about. Moreover, after 60 the hair loses its natural volume and health, which means that you have to change your look.

Pixie is suitable for many types of women, but mostly it applies to active and energetic slim ladies with a smooth posture.

This hairstyle has its own peculiarities, which may affect your choice:

  • Only a good master can make such a haircut look excellent.
  • Pixie requires frequent corrections. At least once a month it is necessary to cut off dry tips.
  • There is always a chance to wake up in the morning with “chaos” on your head.

Pixie and face type

Previously it was thought that this haircut is ideal only for women with an oval type of face, but now there are so many variations of Pixie that it is possible to choose the option for any type. You have only to:

  • change the length of the strands – to mask the imperfections of the appearance of wrinkles with longer or shorter strands.
  • add asymmetry – to mask a wide, rectangular, square and extra round face. The asymmetry is in the trends of the season;
  •  make a bang – side, long or short;
  •  focus on volume at the back of the head.

Stylish Pixie Options

It was considered that Pixie is a hairstyle for short length. Now there is a variety of fashionable modifications:

  1. Classic Pixie – for short or ultrashort hair – suitable for owners of neat face features and slim figure;
  2. Medium-length Pixie creates a feminine and soft image and hides the wrinkles and imperfections of the neck. This option is appropriate for women with a broad forehead or cheekbones, and for lush women;
  3. Curly Pixie – making a cut on the wavy hair, you can give the image additional energy;
  4. With a bang – an experienced master will tell you what kind of bang a client should try in order to emphasize advantageous accents of appearance and mask the flaws;
  5. Pixie-bob is a haircut that combines the pixie technique and bob’s cutting. Strands remain quite long, so ladies who do not want to cut hair short can choose this option. It is especially suitable for fine hair, creating the desired volume.

So, an elegant and impressive pixie haircut is perfect for women after 60. We hope that the tips mentioned above will inspire you for radical changes. Indeed, at sixty it is possible to change everything!